Foldable Treadmill For Women

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Product information:


  • Energy-saving and no electricity: The manual walking treadmill relies on gravity to rotate the track, without electric, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The mechanical treadmill has no wires and is not affected by the position of the treadmill and socket, and can be placed anywhere in the room.
  • Non-motorized treadmill, without power, is a mechanical walking machine. The mechanical treadmill drives the flywheel according to the inertia of the steps. No need to plug in, energy saving and environmental protection. Fully foldable
  • Easy to store, no magnetic radiation, safer without taking up space.
  • The suction cup base is stable and upgraded.
  • Flywheel protective cover, safety pedal, rear cover, safety upgrade.
  • Multifunction in one: adjustable armrests, sit-ups, twisting, walking
  • Inertial double flywheel, double flywheel counterweight inertia allows you to run smoother and better, the thick material will not make you have the illusion of taking empty steps.
  • Please pay attention to the product size, the product is more suitable for women and teenagers


  • The height can be adjusted freely according to the user's height: 100-115 cm/39.3-45.3 in
  • Bearing weight: 150kg
  • Meters: time, speed, distance, calories
  • Adjustable slope


  • 1x Mechanical walking machine (no need to plug in, not electric treadmill)
  • 1x English manual
  • 1x English instrument (without battery)
  • 1x Speaker

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  • QUESTION: why doesn't the treadmill work? Where is the power switch?
  • ANSWER: the mechanical treadmill does not have motor drive, so it needs the strength of legs and feet to drive the running belt.


  • QUESTION: how to work?
  • ANSWER: Before the start of use, please adjust the elasticity of the running belt suitable for your exercise according to your height and weight. First of all, hold the handrail with both hands. .At the beginning of the exercise, you need to push back with your legs to drive the running belt. With inertia, the resistance will decrease, and the speed is up to you. If you stop running, the treadmill will stop with you. Please don't step on the running belt directly (the running belt will slide down), this is very dangerous. It is recommended to step on the treadmill frame on both sides with your feet first, and then start exercising.
    The first time you use it, there is a process of adaptation and habit (just like riding a bicycle, there is also a process of adaptation). The product will shake during exercise, please don’t worry, It may be the cause of running too fast. It can be solved by tightening the running belt or increasing the slope appropriately.


  • QUESTION: Running belt is too tight, can not run or too loose, how to adjust?
    A. adjust the running board slope.
    B. adjust the running belt. If the running belt is too tight, please use the inner hexagon for the rear end hole of both sides to turn clockwise 1-2 times; If the running belt is too loose, please use the inner hexagon for the rear end hole on both sides to turn counter-clockwise 1-2 times.


  • QUESTION: how to adjust the running belt deviation?
  • ANSWER:1.Deviation towards the left
    If the running belt deviates towards the left, Rotate clockwise the left bolt 1-2 laps, and then rotate counterclockwise the right one 1-2laps,And finally run for a period of time on the running belt to judge whether it is in the middle position. If not, repeat the above action until it is in the middle. (If the running belt deviates towards the left, adjust clockwise the left screw, or adjust counterclockwise the right one)
    ------Deviation towards the right (reverse operation above)
    2.Too tight or loose 
    If the running belt is too tight, it will cause damage to the rear bearing, and rotate counterclockwise both sides of the bolts with the hexagon at the same time generally 1-2laps and when loose, no slip or pause. If the running belt is too loose ,rotate clockwise both sides of the bolts with the hexagon at the same time generally 1-2 laps (If the running belt deviates towards the right, adjust clockwise the right screw, or adjust counterclockwise the left one )


  • QUESTION: The product accessories received do not match the instructions on the manual. Is the accessory missing?
  • ANSWER: As there are many models and styles of the walking machine, the manual received is a general manual (multiple configuration general manual), and the actual product is based on the received configuration parts. Since lubricants and pure batteries are not allowed to be transported in international logistics, the actual packaging is not included and needs to be purchased separately, please understand.