Mini Food Processor

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1. USB charging: The product uses a USB to charge, can be charged anytime and anywhere, and can be used with a USB interface, which is suitable for business outings and travel.

2. Strong power load: can quickly stir all kinds of fruits, juices, soy milk, smoothies, rice grains (it is easy to break down ice cubes).

3. Convenient to carry: It is portable and lightweight, you can take the juice bottle anywhere, be it sports, outings, outdoors, picnics, you can take it with you.

4. High quality: The portable mixing cup is made of Tritan material. All parts are BPA-free kid food grades.

5. One-button cleaning: When cleaning, just pour a little water into the cup and then press the button to start automatic cleaning. Do not use the dishwasher to clean the cups.


1. Product size: 7.5*7.5*21.5cm

2. Product voltage: 220V

3. Rated frequency: 50Hz

4. Rated power: 35W

5. Charging input: USB socket

Package Included:

1. 1 * Orange Juicer